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I wish you a Merry Christmas with my old Stargate Christmas video - again!
Please, feel free to skip this, if you have already seen it. Although this is not a fresh one, I still love it and this is seasonable now.:)

And there is another one, with all the Christmas feelings!

Possibly an Angel from Valika on Vimeo.

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I don't know, how could I miss it before, but I've just found this gorgeous tribute video for Stargate Atlantis, edited by the talented [ profile] rodneysgirl who has a birthday today!
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[info]atlantisbigbang is now live! Here's my video!

(Notes: I finished this video in the very last minute unfortunately. RL allowed me less free time I needed recently and even my muse denied to collaborate. Please, don't be too critcal, it hasn't been betaed at all.)

Don't forget to check out the story for the video belongs to, written by [ profile] x_varda_x, because this is so incredibly awesome!

(here is the link to the story at AO3)

Summary of the story by the author:
There is no Wormhole Drive and no last minute save. The gate is dialled too late and the cull has already begun. What if Earth had been culled by the Wraith and humanity brought to its knees? Rodney vows to fix everything, because a universe without Wraith would be a better place, right?

Read more... )

Oblivion from Valika on Vimeo.

Here's the download link.

It was such a good feeling to edit a Stargate Atlantis video again! I hope some of you'll like it anyway.:)
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Just a piece of sillyness, a new video, just for fun. This is about love and friendship in Stargate, flavouring with a pinch of humour. The music is an old favourite of mine, All YOu Need IS LOve by the FAntastic FOur, ...ahem, The Beatles.:)))

I wanted to finish this by Valentine's Day, but due to RL issues, I haven't got the time unfortunately.

COnsidering the fact, that these are sci-fi shows, there are a huge number of scenes showing kisses, hugs and clasps. And I didn't put ALL of them into this video.;)

I hope some of you will like it anyway.
Click here to watch the video! )


ETA: This is for [ profile] podfic_lover ! Thank you for the present you sent me for More Joy Day! *hugs*
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I'm in love with this song by Nightwish, the Ghost Love Score.  I fall in love the two awesome videos were made for this very same song recently.

One of them is a gorgeous multifandom video made by my friend [ profile] kahesha , using footage from BSG, Supernatural, Farscape, Dark Angel, NCIS, Jerico, Stargate SG-1, showing the essences of these shows, why the vidder loves them so much.

The other one is a great tribute, a team video to Stargate Atlantis made by [ profile] rodneysgirl and this reminds me totally, how much I loved the show. (I miss my show terribly. *sigh*)

Go, now! You know that you want to watch both of them!

Follow the links towards the goodies!

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I made a short promotion video for a Hungarian FRPG site, the Stargate Galaxy recently, for two friends' request. Enjoy! :)

Azaz nemrég készítettem egy rövid promóciós videót egy magyar fórumos szerepjáték oldal, a Stargate Galaxy részére, két barátom felkérésére. Remélem, tetszik.:)

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