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Finally we can see, which great video belongs to which wonderful vidder at Festivids, YAY!

The fabulous gift video I've got, the Weapon of Choice, a Jake 2.0 video is an awaesome action-packed video about Jake, a young man, who became a kind of superman as a result of an accident. It is a gorgeous video, I love it to pieces! It was made by [ profile] grammarwoman . Thank you again, for making this fantastic video, I'm so happy you made it to my request! *flails*

You can watch this one clicking here.

The gift video - Fight With Us - what I made for [info]littleheaven70  (this year, again, yes), is a kind of trailer for the Stargate movie, which is one of my all-time favourites.:) I won't stop to love this movie ever. Last year also made a gift video for her, it is weird. I think we have something common in our tastes.;)

This year I made a treat - Feeling Good -, another gift video for [ profile] isagel. This is a character study about Caesar, the main character of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie. I loved the original novel and the movie and I was curious about its prequel, although I didn't expect too much from it.  I loved it finally! To my greatest surprise. So I made a video about Caesar, the ape, who is a great and lovely character and the story, which is a story of freedom and love.

If you are curious and want to watch any of these, you can do it. Here is the Stargate video streaming and the download link and here is the Rise of the Planet of the Apes video streaming and download link, all at Festivids video posting journal.  I hope you'll like them.:)

Many thanks to[info]chayiana for being such a wonderful beta - as always - for the Stargate vid!
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Festivids  (fannish vid exchange inspired by [info]yuletide) is live from yesterday! Since then I'm busy in my (unfortunately limited) free time to watch  these videos one after another. SO MUCH FUN!


There are really a huge number of ( 198! OMG!) awesome vids made at small(er) fandoms in a festive vidding exchange. My gift-video can be seen CLICKING HERE. This is a Jake 2.0 video and it's SO FANTASTIC! I have no words! And it's MINE!!! *flails* But you can watch it, permission granted.;)

I made two gift videos this year, one is a video in exchange for mine and the other one is a treat, because I had an idea and had some extra time to make it. These are also there, but all vids are unsigned at this moment. Signed versions will be revealed later, at February 4. This is the part of the game! This makes it more exciting, you don't know first, who made the awesomeness for you! And nobody knows, which video was made by whom! *grins*

There are a lot of fantastic videos and I want to see ALL of them, of course! *runs to watch more festivids*

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