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I wish you a Merry Christmas with my old Stargate Christmas video - again!
Please, feel free to skip this, if you have already seen it. Although this is not a fresh one, I still love it and this is seasonable now.:)

And there is another one, with all the Christmas feelings!

Possibly an Angel from Valika on Vimeo.

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So funny! Thanks for this [ profile] wings128 ! I know, who is this fictional character travelling with me! ;)

Get your own time lord name from the time lord name generator!

You are the Renegade Time Lord known as: The Optician

Your original Gallifreyan name is Maxilextralorquaelltharhyra, or Maxilex for short.

Back on Gallifrey, you led a dull and uninteresting life, working as a Professor of Interstitial Physics at the Arcalian College – but now, you travel Time and Space in search of adventure!

Your Type 49 TARDIS is currently stuck in disguise as a post-box, and your latest travelling companion is a barbarian warrior from a mythical land, unaware he's actually a fictional character somehow mapped onto reality.

Get your own time lord name from the time lord name generator!
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Hey, I'm still alive! *waves*

After a really long time I managed to finish my first Doctor Who video ever. This is based on the Christmas Special Year 2011 and it's actually a Madge Arwell video, yes.:) Though you can see the 11th Doctor in this a few times, too. ♥

I LOVED that Christmas Special so much. It was a real fairytale, a story of an awesome woman, who didn't look such a badass person at first. But yes, she is the most wonderful mother and wife and woman and everything in the world! So. I just wanted to show everyone, this show is great, this Special was great and it was fun to make this video for.:) Oh, the shiny!

Many thanks to[info]chayiana for being such a wonderful beta! And the same for [ profile] acridnym! Thank you ladies! ♥

Video! )

Feedback is love, my dahlings!:)))

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