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Just guess, what I've found recently at the internet: Stargate Auction Catalog

Everything can be bought, even a Stargate!!! and an Asgard puppet. Literally everything. Don't tell me, that there will be Stargate movies ever! We were promised to get SG-1 and SGA movies. Liars! We won't get anything, nothing! As the MGM is becoming bankrupt and the SyFy is no more interested in sci-fi, I think there is only a very tiny hope remained.
I'm sad. I miss my shows so terribly. *cries*

I just realized, that it was about 3 years ago, in September (or it was in Agust? not sure), that I started vidding. Oh, gosh, at my age! *facepalm* Anyway, vidding is now one of my fandoms - funny, isn't it? I have not too much time for it, sometimes it is difficult for me, but mostly it is FUN! I enjoy the music, the fandoms I vid, the flow of creativity, even learning all the technical know-hows - mostly on my own *is proud of self* and the result, the video at the end. I also enjoy watching other vidders' great videos, it is so much fun! I also enjoy to make friends, and I love the fantastic people I could get acquainted with in different fandoms.

I finished 26 vids during this period - not a big number, I know. But I'm satisfied with it. I'm still using my old Magix editor, maybe I'll upgrade this into a newer version. As far as vidding brings fun into my life, I'll do it. Even if I will be the only person watching my videos.:)

[info]festivids is open! Until September 24th is the nominating period - oh, ONE day remained! *runs to make her list of rare vidded fandoms* I intend to participate. Of course.:)
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The guys at [ profile] sgmoviecampaign announced a supporting video contest formerly. The entries could be brand new vids and old ones as well, if they containone of the the campaign's slogan. My entry is an old video, The SHow Must Go On - because this can really express my desire to watch the continuation of the show, the movie(s).

So, if there is anyone out, who want to watch some great videos, maybe want to vote and maybe for me, click here you can do that all!

(((End of shameless self-promoting.))) *facepalm*

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