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The fabulous gift video I've got, a Jo Lupo character video for Eureka is just adorable, wonderful and as badass as Jo herself, I love it to pieces! It was made by[ profile] grammarwoman! Thank you again old gift vidder, this is a gorgeous video, I'm so happy that you made it to my request! I wished someone would make me an Eureka video about Jo for years, and finally I got it! *flails* I'm sure, that we have something common in our tastes. :)

You can watch this one clicking here. Go! Watch it! What are you waiting for?

I've also made a video this year! The LJ post about this gift vid can be found clicking here.

(I really don't know, why the above linked LJ post cannot be seen in the top of my Friends Page: it was written earlier in February, it was a privatized one. I made it public and changed the posting date for a today's date, but it is in the nowhere - mysterious.)

Anyway, you can watch this, if you wish. :)
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Here you can watch the gift video I could manage to finish in the very last minute for Festivids 2014 (fannish video exchange for small fandoms, inspired by yuletide ). (Actually I had to drop out because of family issue, but at the end I could finish it somehow. I'm still wondering on it.)

This was made is for [ profile] jacquelee who requested a Kara-centric (yay!) Dragonheart video. The first half of this video is about Kara (oh, wonderful and brave girl!) and Einhorn, the second half is more about the Dragon and the Knight. It is all about freedom, friendship, self-sacrifice, braveness, justice and love. I'm never tired of watching this movie - it makes me laugh and cry at the same time, always. Oh, I love dragons, especially Draco!

Finding my vidsong wasn't easy at all,  tried some before I've found the actual one. I think Seven Devils from Florence+The Machines is a good choice for this subject. Technically, I had the chance to try vidding at a Mac, which was a real challenge for me. Indeed. There was no beta viewer, because of last time finishing, so all faults are totally mine.

[ profile] jacquelee, it makes me happy, if you liked your gift.

Here is the signed version of Seven Devils, the password is: draco. I just realized, that this is the 10th gift video I made for Festivids in the past years.\O/

Seven Devils from Valika on Vimeo.

You can download it from here .Feedback is always , dearies.
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Here is my entry for this year's reel_merlin

Title: Dragonheart - A New Beginning
Movie prompt: Dragonheart 2
Rating: G
Summary: When a stableboy - whose dream is to become a knight - and the last dragon become friends, everything is possible. Made for the soundtrack of the movie trailer.

Notes: I found so obvious to mash up this movie trailer with Merlin, because of the Dragons!:)

Many thanks to [ profile] chayiana for being such a wonderful beta, as always! ♥

Thank you goes to [ profile] colacube for organizing alone this year's Reel Merlin again. ♥

Dragonheart - A New Beginning: Merlin style from Valika on Vimeo.


Password: drake

Download link is here!


There is a collection of works for Reel Merlin at AO3.

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