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Atlantis Big Bang Is Live! YAY!!! For some days already, but I haven't got time to announce it earlier unfortunately.

You can go to the main collection Atlantis Big Bang, where you will see a random selection of stories and art.

Or you can go directly to the 2012 Stories page, click on Works on the upper left corner for the complete list of the stories and 2012 Arts page, you can get here the complete list of the arts made for the stories.

I 've made book covers and a wallpaper surprisingly for the story The Perfect Choice written by [ profile] tarlanx - which is a slash story and I'm not really a fan for slash -, but also a clever and awesome AU one. I like 'what-if"-s.:) 

This is the first time I made something like this, a book cover, not a video. I have to confess, that I couldn't do it without my elder daughter's precious help! She is an expert of Photoshop,  while I can barely handle this software. You know, I had the idea in my head, more or less clearly, searched and found the photos, but I haven't a clue, HOW to implement these... it was a different thing! I learned a lot during the process though. It was a great experience for me. THANK YOU ESZTER, AGAIN!

The book covers and the wallpaper can be found here.

Have fun with Atlantis Big Bang and please, don't forget to leave feedbacks at the bottom of each entry in the archive by clicking the button labeled  Leave comment.

Feedback is LOVE!:)

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