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I've found a beautiful drawing about Teyla at Deviantart and I want to share this with you. Here it is!

SGA Teyla Emmagan by ~severusslave on deviantART

I wish I could do something like that, but unfortunately I have not enough good drawing skills to make anything as close to this beautiful artwork. If you have a Deviantart account, please leave comment for the artist.:)

Click on the picture to watch it in bigger size!
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Video rec again, because I LOVE to watch great fanvideos, especially in my favourite fandoms, like Stargate Atlantis.:)

The vidder is [ profile] chayiana, she made an awesome video about Teyla, you can find her Teyla's Party here in her journal, with download link only. This video portrays Teyla beautifully.


(I also love to edit fanvideos and this is all [ profile] chayiana's fault)

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First day of Women Love Fest! Yay! I've chosen Teyla Emmagan from SGA.

There are a lot of people in fandom - especially in my country -, who don't like the character and/or the actress. I never understood, why. SHe is an awesome warrior, an attractive woman, a caring person, a strong leader, a good friend and a mother. I can continue this list with a lot of touch, of course. When I think at her, the first thing that comes to my mind is Teyla's song in the episode Critical Mass.

Beyond the Night is a beautiful song, written by Joel Goldsmith, performed by Rachel Lutrell. You can see a beautifully edited video made for this song at the composer's website at the following link (embedding the video is not allowed):

Enjoy the feeling!:)

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