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Finally we can see, which great video belongs to which wonderful vidder at Festivids, YAY!

The fabulous gift video I've got, the Weapon of Choice, a Jake 2.0 video is an awaesome action-packed video about Jake, a young man, who became a kind of superman as a result of an accident. It is a gorgeous video, I love it to pieces! It was made by [ profile] grammarwoman . Thank you again, for making this fantastic video, I'm so happy you made it to my request! *flails*

You can watch this one clicking here.

The gift video - Fight With Us - what I made for [info]littleheaven70  (this year, again, yes), is a kind of trailer for the Stargate movie, which is one of my all-time favourites.:) I won't stop to love this movie ever. Last year also made a gift video for her, it is weird. I think we have something common in our tastes.;)

This year I made a treat - Feeling Good -, another gift video for [ profile] isagel. This is a character study about Caesar, the main character of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie. I loved the original novel and the movie and I was curious about its prequel, although I didn't expect too much from it.  I loved it finally! To my greatest surprise. So I made a video about Caesar, the ape, who is a great and lovely character and the story, which is a story of freedom and love.

If you are curious and want to watch any of these, you can do it. Here is the Stargate video streaming and the download link and here is the Rise of the Planet of the Apes video streaming and download link, all at Festivids video posting journal.  I hope you'll like them.:)

Many thanks to[info]chayiana for being such a wonderful beta - as always - for the Stargate vid!
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This is the time to promote myself so shamelessly again.*grins *

The voting is open at Always Holding On  Video Awards at Best of the Bests voting!
Some of my videos are nominated in following categories:

Best Comedy:
James Bond
Merlin and the Half Blood Prince

Best Idea:
James Bond

Best Relationship:
Tha Show Must Go On

Best Triangle:

AHO will receive votes till January 31. You can vote only once.
So vote for the videos you like the best and HAVE FUN!!!

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I'm sooo excited!!! Because I just joined to the fun! YAY!

[ profile] festivids was a great fun last year - and a challenge as well. For me, at least. This time I made my first non-Stargate video, it was a trailer for the Thoughtcrimes movie made for [ profile] tanjachristine 's request.

Festivids is a fannish vid exchange inspired by [ profile] yuletide for rarely vidded fandoms.SO many fantastic vidders, so many awesome videos, so much fun and vidding love!

Everyone has to sign up! Uhm, I mean each and every vidder and everyone who felt the desire once to make a video. Give yourself a try! Low risk, high asset.:) Everyone is helpful, you are not alone here, there are so many vidders/ friends.


If there is someone out, who is interested in participating the fun, vidder sign-ups until 2010 to October 15, 2010, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
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Video awards update time is here again! I realized, that I didn't make an update at this subject for a long time, despite the fact I am always  feel truly honoured and very happy, when I see the lovely awards I got. They mean a lot to me, they are a kind of feedback and feedback is love! Thank you so much!

SO, without further comments, here they are, under the cut! Warning: there are a lot this time!
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Just guess, what I've found recently at the internet: Stargate Auction Catalog

Everything can be bought, even a Stargate!!! and an Asgard puppet. Literally everything. Don't tell me, that there will be Stargate movies ever! We were promised to get SG-1 and SGA movies. Liars! We won't get anything, nothing! As the MGM is becoming bankrupt and the SyFy is no more interested in sci-fi, I think there is only a very tiny hope remained.
I'm sad. I miss my shows so terribly. *cries*

I just realized, that it was about 3 years ago, in September (or it was in Agust? not sure), that I started vidding. Oh, gosh, at my age! *facepalm* Anyway, vidding is now one of my fandoms - funny, isn't it? I have not too much time for it, sometimes it is difficult for me, but mostly it is FUN! I enjoy the music, the fandoms I vid, the flow of creativity, even learning all the technical know-hows - mostly on my own *is proud of self* and the result, the video at the end. I also enjoy watching other vidders' great videos, it is so much fun! I also enjoy to make friends, and I love the fantastic people I could get acquainted with in different fandoms.

I finished 26 vids during this period - not a big number, I know. But I'm satisfied with it. I'm still using my old Magix editor, maybe I'll upgrade this into a newer version. As far as vidding brings fun into my life, I'll do it. Even if I will be the only person watching my videos.:)

[info]festivids is open! Until September 24th is the nominating period - oh, ONE day remained! *runs to make her list of rare vidded fandoms* I intend to participate. Of course.:)
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Awards update again! In the round 39 of the Driver Picks The Music Vidding Awards my silly little vid, the Merlin and the Half-Blood Prince won the Best Vidlet RU award!

At Forever Awards at round 18 I got two awards for two most recent videos:

Best Editing RU! Never ever got a single award for editing. YAY!!!
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Video awards update time is here again! OMG, I'm always surprised and happy, when I realize how other vidders are valuing my work! Thank you so much!
SO, without further comments, here they are *iz pleased*
Click here to watch all the shiny ones! )

Congratulations to everyone else, who also won awards!
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The Viewer Choice Polls for the Fandom Face Off Tournament at the Art of Vidding Awards are now open. This gives fans an opportunity to chose their favourite vids  from all the entries in the tournament. Polls  will remain open throughout. the tournament up to the very last round, at the end of August.

I submitted an SGA video - James Bond - and a Merlin video - Imminent Domain - at the Tournament.

So vote for the videos you like the best and HAVE FUN!!!
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Again, this is video awards update time! I'm always happy and a little surprised, when I get these awards. I'm happy, because that means other people value my work, surprised a little, because I didn't expect so many this time! But I'm pleased, of course. *grins gladly*
SO, without further comments, here they are *iz proud of self*

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