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This is a way too late entry about meeting with John de Lancie in my hometown, Budapest, at January. I totally forgot to tell you about it. *facepalm*

Just a reminder: he played Q in Star Trek spinoffs TNG, Voyager and DS9. He also played NID Colonel Frank Simmons in Stargate SG-1. I enjoyed especially when his character turned into a goa'uld at the end.

He had a Q&A panel first which lasted about 2 hours. Many questions were asked, many were about his acting, some questions were about his everyday life and some about shooting Star Trek. You can find this funny or not, questions regarding Star Trek and Q didn't make the biggest percentage of the questions altogether.

He was very nice and polite and also humorous. I don't know for sure if he tends to talk a lot in general, but he gave long answers, but it wasn't boring at all. He said he and his wife loved Budapest, they would like to come back sometime and they liked the Hungarian cuisine, too.

There was a photo session and an autograph session, too. The below photo was taken by a photographer at the autograph session - my younger daughter and me are standing in front of the desk.

John de Lancie autograph

This is Q himself!

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This is the short Dr. Zelenka video I made for the yesterday's convention as a tribute for the character and the actor, David Nykl, who was our guest here in Budapest. Con report will follow in a separate post!

Download link here

It was on the screen with some other Stargate videos of mine between the panels. I have to mention, that Galadriel's videos was shown as well! :)
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Tomorrow David Nykl, - the actor who played Dr. Radek Zelenka, the Czech scientist in Stargate Atlantis - is coming to Budapest  to a small sci-fi convention, organized by people at SFportal, a group of sci-fi websites in Hungary. Yay! I'm sooo excited!

Besides this there will be other interesting programs and I'll meet friends as well, so this will be AWESOME! I made a Zelenka vid for this event. Of course. :D

I'll post it here on Sunday, with my detailed report hopefully.:) See you on the other side!

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