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Tomorrow David Nykl, - the actor who played Dr. Radek Zelenka, the Czech scientist in Stargate Atlantis - is coming to Budapest  to a small sci-fi convention, organized by people at SFportal, a group of sci-fi websites in Hungary. Yay! I'm sooo excited!

Besides this there will be other interesting programs and I'll meet friends as well, so this will be AWESOME! I made a Zelenka vid for this event. Of course. :D

I'll post it here on Sunday, with my detailed report hopefully.:) See you on the other side!
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I'm a little late in the party of celebration, but still.:) The whole project is awesome! Of course I adore the JF part of the project, but the others are also remarkable. Just click at the smaller pictures and you can see! I'm looking forward the final sci-fi project by Firrel, this should be really cool.

Here is the link to the work-in-progress project:

ANd one more great news regarding this project: Ben Browder is also planning to join! Yay!

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