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So we can see finally, which great video belongs to which wonderful vidder at Festivids, a fantastic festive vidding exchange for minor fandoms. YAY!

The fabulous gift video I've got, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy video is just adorable, funny and wonderful, I love it to pieces! It was made by [ profile] hellpenguin  a.k.a. elegantbutstrange! Thank you again, this is a gorgeous video, I'm so happy you made it to my request! *flails*

You can watch this one clicking here.
Edit: unfortunately only the download link of the video can be found from the reveal and the file is HUGE!

Edit No.2: there is a streaming link at the DL page (probably I didn't notice it before): "view on Megavideo!"

The gift video I made for [ profile] littleheaven70 , is a kind of trailer for The Incredibles movie, which is a Disney-Pixar animated movie and it is very entertaining. What I like the best in this movie is, that the main characters are just like an ordinary family, except that they have cool superpowers.:)

This year I made a treat, another gift video for [ profile] yhlee (thank you for being my beta!) This is about an old animated movie, The Last Unicorn. I loved it when my children were young and we watched this together, several times. This is a wonderful story!

If you are curious and want to watch any of these, you can do it: here the Incredibles video streaming, here the Last Unicorn video streaming at Festivids video posting journal. You also can download the videos from those pages. It was the first time for me to make videos using animated sources (BTW, it was FUN!!!), so don't be very critical, please. I hope you'll like them.:)
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Festvids is live from yesterday evening! SO I'm busy in my (not too much) free time to watch festivideos one after another. SO MUCH FUN!


There are really a great number of ( 174! OMG!) awesome vids made at small(er) fandoms in a festive vidding exchange. My gift-video can be seen HERE. This is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy video and it's PURE GENIUS! And it's MINE!!! *flails*

I made two gift videos this year, one is a video in exchange for mine and the other one is a treat, because I had an idea and had some extra time to make it. These are also there, but all vids are unsigned at this moment. Signed versions will be revealed later, at February 5. This is the part of the game! This makes it more exciting, you don't know first, who made the awesomeness for you!
There are a lot of fantastic videos and I want to see ALL of them, of course! *runs to watch more festivids*

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