Aug. 23rd, 2016

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Here you can find a book cover, an llustration - a photo manipulation - and a trailer video for the story "Saved" written by [ profile] ajsrandom for this year's After Camlann Merlin Big Bang.

This is a Season 5 AU story and it's awesome and very clever. The story of what should have happened to Morgana after she was healed by Aithusa at the end of Season 4. I strongly recommend this to read! I hope, that after watching the cover and the trailer for this story as accompanying arts, you will WANT to read it immediately! The trailer video contains some spoilers for the story, of course, this is what trailers do usually, yes. ;) Other details can be read at the story masterpost.

The credit for the photos are used here goes to Merlin's Keep.

I want to say thank you for my author [ profile] ajsrandom for the amazing story and encouraging me to finish the video anyway, giving me incredibly positive feedbacks on my draft works. These helped me a lot! I also say thank you to the always helpful [ profile] chayiana for her constructive criticism as a beta. Thank you also goes to [ profile] galadriel34 for last minute help as a beta of the illustration. Regarding the cover and the illustration, I'm grateful forever  to my elder daughter Eszter for helping me, she is an expert of Photoshop. Without her precious help this couldn't come into being. Thank you so much, ladies! ♥

Last, but not least, THANK YOU to the mods at [ profile] aftercamlann for organizing this year's Merlin Big Bang, again. You're doing a fantastic job to keep this creative fandom going for so long. ♥

Book cover! )

Illustration! )

Password: Aithusa

Trailer video! )

Link to story masterpost at AO3!
Link to the above pieces at AO3!

Go, read! What are you waiting for?

Don't forget to leave feedback at the story's page!:)))
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*WAVES* Hello, I'm still alive! I was busy in the last few months.:) I've signed up for this year's After Camlann Merlin Big Bang as an artist, I missed vidding, so I've made a trailer for an awesome Season 5 AU story. I've also made a book cover and an illustration.

And today is the posting date!

SO if you want to watch what I made this time, click HERE, please! 

I hope, some of you will like it and want to read the amazing story these stuff belongs to. It is worth to read, trust me.:) Don't forget to leave feedback at the story's page!:)))
Feedback is love, my dahlings! :)))

This GIF is a small part of the video.

Saved GIF

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